Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall Arts Festival

Crowds gathered at the "Fall Arts Festival" in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The Wilcox Gallery had eight working artists, always exciting for patrons as they visit. I like meeting people as they come through the gallery. 
Here I am painting the grand-daughter of Jim Wilcox as people look on. It was a very successful weekend. I sold a painting, entitled "Cierra".
Afterwards, they host a dinner with the artists, one of my favorite things after painting all day.

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Unknown said...

"I love your lips". No, not yours per say, the ones on your paintings. Ha! I want to say my favorite painting is the one you did @ the Midway Art workshop! Only because we were so entertained, as we watched you so gracefully applied the strokes of a purely talented and gifted artist upon the canvas. Hows that for saying something nice about a great artist to get in with them? You said that would work. Love Love Love your work and would love any suggestions or direction, for an untalented but passionate person of art. Oh yes and a mother of four and wife of an awsome OBGYN. For reals thanks 4 DEMO!